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Dailymotion for Windows 10

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Free video streaming service

Dailymotion for Windows 10 is a free video streaming app. Watch personalised video choices, browse popular clips, stream live and create an account for uploading your own videos.

Popular video playback

Dailymotion for Windows 10 is the official companion app to the Dailymotion site, one of the largest video sharing platforms. Despite failing to reach the number of active users of YouTube, their core base have stuck with the site since 2007. The free app offers a single uniform place for video viewing and uploading with separate tabs for viewers and creators. A focus is placed on current or trending videos, which can be edited via the account page. The primary issue with the Dailymotion for Windows 10 app is the general operation. Frequent crashes, low quality playback and other complaints are constant concerns. As the general site provides a much more stable playback experience, using the app can be frustrating. Regular uploaders do gain the bonus drag and drop feature, useful for uploading numerous files at once with a single click, as well as more detailed channel options which make it worthwhile.

Best for creators

Dailymotion for Windows 10 is something of a mixed bag. Viewers can often encounter crashes and bugs while uploaders get extra channel management tools.


  • Free download
  • Extra upload features


  • Frequent crashes
  • Lag and buffering

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Dailymotion for Windows 10


Dailymotion for Windows 10

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    veary god..............
    it is worlds beast video site I am watching most popler videos in indain sainma

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